Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart

KioskForce vending machines are built with shopping cart functionality.

Shopping cart helps operators to decrease transaction cost and improve ticket size.

Shopping Cart

We believe this functionality will help operators to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. This is so essential that we have this feature enabled even in our budget product line.

How does shopping cart work?

After consumers making a selection, the vending machine would give consumers a few seconds to make another selection. If consumers make another selection, the vending machine would add the new selection to the shopping cart. If consumers do not make another selection, the vending machine would proceed to the payment screen. Alternatively, consumers could click “Checkout” button to proceed to the payment screen.

Benefits of Shopping Carts

There are many benefits of shopping carts. Here are some of the benefits of shopping carts.

Improve Average Ticket Size

Ticket size is the terminology to describe the average amount of money spent by a customer per transaction. It’s a benchmark on the consumer spending behavior. For vending machine operators, to increase the ticket size is one of the most important goals.

Shopping cart feature will help operators to sell more products in a single transaction. This will help operators to significantly increase the ticket size.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Vending machines with shopping cart feature typically is better designed, and technically more advanced than normal vending machines. With nice-looking and easy-to-use user interface, customers will enjoy better satisfied shopping experience.

Decrease Transaction Cost

Typical payment gateway would charge a flat fee for each transaction and a percentage of the total amount. By increasing the ticket size, the flat fee will be spread across more products, which will decrease the transaction cost in total.

For example, the fee rate of a payment gateway is 0.3 USD plus 1.75% of total order amount. If the consumer made 5 transactions each with $1 coke, the total fees paid for the orders will be 0.35+511.75%=$1.59. However, if the vending machine has shopping cart feature, and the consumer made 1 transaction with 5 cokes, the total fees paid for the order will be 0.3+51*1.75%=$0.39, which is a shocking 75% decrease in transaction cost.