Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information

KioskForce vending machines are built with nutrition information functionality.

With interactive touchscreens, KioskForce vending machines can display the nutrition information of products.


How does nutrition information function work?

When browsing product selections, consumers are able to check certain nutrition details like calories, fat, sodium, and sugar content through a simple tap on the corresponding product image. This allows for selection with overall wellness goals.

After reviewing the nutritional values, users have the option to add the item to their shopping cart with one click on “ADD TO CART”. Or they can close this window to continue browsing other products.

Benefits of Nutrition Information

There are several benefits of displaying nutrition information on vending machines.

For consumers:

  • Make food decisions based on clear nutrient facts
  • Encourage healthier snack and beverage choices
  • Meet daily calorie/sugar intake requirements

For operators:

  • Increase sales and profitability as healthier options attract new customers
  • Insights into popular healthy items to optimize product selection
  • Gain a positive reputation for supporting customers’ health priorities