Motor Coupling

Motor Coupling

KioskForce vending machines are built with motor coupling feature.

Traditional vending machines often have limitations when it comes to accommodating larger or oddly shaped items. At KioskForce, we have developed an innovative motor coupling system to give operators more flexibility and opportunities.

How does motor coupling system work?

Rather than being constrained to a single motor, KioskForce vending machines can synchronize the operation of two motors located in separate trays. This allows for dispensing of products that may not easily fit into standard tray configurations.

For example, at a gym, customers often request large items like badminton buckets. By linking rotation between separated motors, a laterally placed badminton box can be smoothly pushed out without any issue.

Benefits of Motor Coupling

  • Increased Flexibility - Machines are able to house oddly shaped or bulky items that traditional machines cannot accommodate.

  • Higher Revenues - Operators can adjust product placement to maximize space utilization so that more products can be held to generate higher revenues.

  • Operational Cost Savings - With maximal space utilization, fewer machines will be needed to achieve the same output, which can lead to lower capital and maintenance expenditures.

  • Greater Convenience - Sites like sports facilities gain a convenient solution for specialized product requirements.

  • Enhanced brand reputation - By showcasing innovation and responsiveness to clients, this motor coupling feature has the potential to significantly improve brand reputation.