Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

KioskForce vending machines are built with quality and durability in mind. All the machines can equip with heavy duty castor wheels for easy maneuver in short distances.

Heavy duty castor wheels

Importance of Adopting Industrial Castors on Vending Machines

Castor wheels especially footmaster-style industrial castors are designed to withhold heavy static load. Yet they are easy to move around when needed, even on carpeted floors.

Unlike some of the supplies that use low quality “toy” castor wheels, KioskForce vending machines are only equipped with high-quality heavy duty castor wheels.

When the machines are static, the operators can turn the height adjustment knob, which will raise the castor wheels and lower the machine to the ground. The hard plastic and rubber will lock the vending machine firmly to the ground. This will ensure the machine is stable and will not move around when consumers are using the machine.

When the machines need to be moved around, the operators can turn the height adjustment knob, which will lower the castor wheels and raise the machine from the ground. The hard plastic rubber wheels allow operators to push the vending machines around the site.

However, for moving machines around long distances, we recommend using a pallet jack or forklifts. Also the coarse surface might damage the castor wheels, and moving with castor wheels is considered risky, we always suggest operators to use a pallet jack or forklifts to move the machines around rather than relying on the castor wheels solely.