PPE Vending

KioskForce PPE Vending Machines

KioskForce has announced the release of the new personal protective equipment(PPE) vending machine, which is designed to automate the distribution of various PPE categories. With three locker cells on the right side, its modular design efficiently accommodates the dispensing of consumables like masks, as well as the management of trackable equipment like hard hats.




  • Height: ~1975mm
  • Width: 1310mm
  • Depth: 820mm
  • Weight: ~300kg


  • fixed legs
  • industrial FM castor wheels


  • 3

Key Features

  • A 21.5-inch touchscreen with VoT-supported PPE management system
  • 3 embedded locker cells, utilizing the side space
  • A large delivery bin suited for various shapes and sizes of PPE or non-PPE products
  • Optional refrigeration system on the left side for temperature-sensitive products, with ambient temperature on the right side
  • Magic carpet dispensing system can coexist with coils to tolerate all kinds of product arrangements
  • More lockers can be attached to manage more trackable items

PPE and Managed Dispensing System

The VoT-supported PPE Vending System is a state-of-the-art solution to both dispense disposable items and track the status of returnable items.

For employees, they are able to access the required products by entering the access code on the vending machine or tapping their employee card. Real-time inventory level and retrieval records are accessible through the dashboard, including employee name, key card number, transaction time, product, machine name, location, and job ID. After using a trackable item, employees must return it to the assigned cell by operating on the vending machine screen. The returning information will also be recorded in detail in the system.

For more detailed instructions, kindly refer to the PPE Vending Machine User Manual or watch KioskForce Youtube video.